Vicious Circle City

Asha’s Journal (IRL Dec 4, 2011)

So we’re in the Never Never, about to fight these goblin chumps. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, so I decided to do some writing to take the edge off.

We have to get a Golden Army. That’s really all there is to it. If there isn’t already one (or if it’s going to be impossible to obtain), then we’re going to have to create one for ourselves. It’s really the only way I can see to adequately defend the city from all comers. Something—or rather, somethingS—is/are out there, and I have a feeling that we are woefully ill-prepared. The Golden Army is our only hope.

Luther seems to understand this, but he may lack the vision right now to see that it is something we can—and must—accomplish.

J{this area is smudged} refuses to hear any of it, but I think even he knows that without something besides the status quo, Indy stands little chance in the face of the oncoming storm. However, I think he understands more fully than the others the scope of the Power involved—and I think the possibility that it is achievable is what causes his fear. I wonder if I shouldn’t be more afraid of it myself.

It’s Duke, however, that troubles me the most. He seems to be on board, but I wonder if he will continue to stand with us, when we have at our disposal this most awesome Power. I truly wonder if he will allow us to put it to its purpose—or if he will be tempted to use its Power for other means. Time will tell, and the situation will bear keeping an eye on. The Lady knows, even Merlin had his day.

Whether we gain the army or create it, one thing we will need is power to feed it: to maintain it, and to veil it. I will propose this plan to the others:

1) Discover the most advantageous mystical configurations for harnessing and containing power (i.e., a mystical power “battery” if you will).

2) Plot the city’s ley lines and peruse various permutations of the configurations so that the center of the power lies in an area of our choosing.

3) Create the devices for the “battery” and put them in place.

4) House the Golden Army in the location chosen, using the power to veil its location and power the Army.

Now, this doesn’t even include the creation of the Army (if necessary), or the acquisition of the Army. This is going to take resources. Way more than we have access to. We are going to need others. Patrons. Allies. We are going to need to form a…“Golden Society” of like-minded individuals to bring this plan to fruition. If we want our city to survive and ever hope of returning to life as normal, this is something that MUST be done!

I admit that I am haunted by the thought of this day and night, and have been since seeing that blasted movie. Not since reading that book have I been so obsessed. And look how that turned out…



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