Vicious Circle City

Character Prologues

White River Rumble
Luther Bayliss’ Story (Dave)

On the advice of Charlie, Luther goes to meet Danny 40, the bum-ranger of White River State Park. Luther urges Duke Morgan to join him; Danny 40 will explain the danger the city faces and why Duke’s abilities are needed. During their meeting, Danny is ambushed by agents of Jonah.

During his annual “fundraiser,” at WRSP, Jack stumbles across a scrap between Luther, Danny & Duke and Jonah’s goons. Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to relieve some bad guys of their ill-gotten gains, Jack lends his unique talents to the local boy and the lovable bum.

When Jack enters the fray, Duke lays spells to lay the smackdown down.

Birth of a Repairman
Jack’s Story (Troy)

During his early twenties, Jack was approached by a neighbor whose lawn was repeatedly being destroyed by a prankster and his car. The neighbor offered a monetary reward to put a stop to it.

+Asha. Inexplicably, investigations into the unnamed prankster turn up empty and eventually the neighbor winds up in the hospital. At the hospital, Asha informs Jack the neighbor is possessed by a malevolent spirit- and has multiple markers on his soul.

+Luther. Jack goes to Bernie’s Books to research the malevolent spirit. Here, he run across Luther, from the White River Rumble. Luther offers his assistance, even if he has little to offer. He does use the opportunity to urge Jack to help defend the city from Jonah.

Love Hurts
Asha Katdare’s Story (Joel)

A girl approaches Asha with a problem— a strange guy is obsessed with her and givers her a “dark” vibe. Asha discovers he’s a red court infected and the girl approached him at The Red Garter about becoming infected before she changed her mind. Can Asha resolve the situation before blood is shed?

+Duke. When Duke runs into Asha and her friend at the Red Garter, vampires and Loup-Garoux meet for the first time. What will happen next?

+Jack. While Investigating a fix for a distraught mother wondering about her daughter’s sudden personality shift. After finding the girl tied to Asha and Duke’s impending supernatural turf battle Jack does the only reasonable thing and takes leave of this fix.

Moon Struck
Duke Morgan’s Story (Bill)

When a pack of loups-garoux chase Duke Morgan on a cross country bus trip, he must escape them and find himself a new life, but will he succeed when finds he’s also pursued by The White Council for violating the laws of magic?

+Luther. Luther meets Duke at Bernie’s Books. Luther urges Duke to use his abilities to help defend the city. Bernie councils his cousin that the city can take care of itself and Duke should focus on his own problems.

+Asha Katdare. Asha arrives looking for Duke, all fury and fire- The Loup-Garoux are “bothering her.” After being briefed, she conceives a plan by which the Loup-Garoux are lured into a trap. She somehow convinces them that they killed Duke and they go on their way.



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