Maria Delgado Mendez

Warden of the White Council


Face of: Theme: The Circle Remains Unbroken.
High Concept: Warden of the White Council
Motivations: Protect Indianapolis. Bolster the White Council’s number in town.
Relationships: Bernie McIntyre, ally on the sly. Charlie, conditional ally. Jack, get in each others’ way. Jonah Stevens, enemies.

Fair skin. Dark hair with brown, red, blue, pink, purple, or green highlights depending on her mood. About 5’6 in height. One hundred and ten pounds soaking wet. Appears to be in her mid to late 20’s. Almost always seen adorning herself in goth accoutrements. Heavy Spanish accent. Super, super hot.


Born in Valencia, Spain, Maria is the daughter of Hernando and Priscila. She grew up in an upper middle class home with her mother being the director of the performing arts wing of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciencies (City of Arts and Sciences) complex. It was her mother that fostered the free spirit in Maria and encouraged her to pursue her love of sculpting. Maria graduated from Ecole des Beaux-Arts (School of Fine Arts), Paris.

It was under her father, who was an esteemed member of the White Council of Wizards, that she apprenticed. He instilled in her a healthy respect of the Seven Laws of Magic, though sometimes her soft, artist’s heart wants to see the best in even the most reprobate of people.

Hernando was great at evocation, and was no slouch at thaumaturgy, but it did not take long for him to see that his daughter’s thaumaturgical skills would surpass his own. Thaumaturgy, like fine art, is a craft honed with patience and attention to detail, both of which Maria excels at.

While her strength lies in thaumaturgy, Maria is a capable evocator. It was toward the end of her apprenticeship that the American wizard of ill repute, Harry Dresden, was baited into starting a war with the vampire nations. While her propensity for ritual magic placed her at an advantage given time and preparation, it offered her little flexibility in a pinch. So she began a more rigid education in evocation under her father, an education he would never be able to finish.

Hernando died at the White Council’s complex in Archangel, Russia during a bold attack by the Red Court of vampires. This attack prompted Maria to pursue admission into the Wardens, an decision that Priscila was vehemently opposed to. After training for the Wardens she served mostly at the White Council’s headquarters in the underground tunnels at Edinburgh, Scotland. About two years ago she was reassigned to Indianapolis after the city’s previous Warden, Jonathan Scott, perished in combat against the Red Court. She serves under the Wardens’ Regional Commander from Chicago, Warden Dresden.

Maria Delgado Mendez

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