Name a city in Middle America not especially known for corruption and moral decay, one that seems to be on the rise, maybe even underestimated. Indianapolis tops that list. Well, it does if you look at it through mortal eyes. Things go downhill from there. Fast.

Theme 1: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
Aspect: It’s a trap!

Indianapolis, the Circle City, has a power. Whether it’s inherent, or baked in with full intent, it hardly matters anymore. It gets into you, then it gets you. Try to leave, maybe you’ll succeed. But you’ll always hear her siren’s call.

Jonah Stevens
Marceau Pierre

Theme 2: The circle remains unbroken.
Aspect: You shall not pass!

People and “things” of power are all beckoned into Indy, good and bad. Not everyone is sitting down accepting the supernatural cage match that’s brewing. There are those, again both good and bad (and others with less definable moral agendas), fighting to keep things out, or even in, depending on their inclination.

Maria Delgado Mendez

Threat 1: Knowledge is a deadly thing when no one sets the rules.
Aspect: Tick-Tock

Some people don’t know when to say “when.” They get little tastes of what they think is the truth, and in their hubris falsely believe that they have it all under control. While Indianapolis’ political machine isn’t nearly as corrupted as, say, Chicago’s or New Orleans’, it’s not without its blemishes. And its current most obvious blemish found himself a new toy to play with: Magic.

Chip Athatokis


Vicious Circle City Necronomitron