Good cities do go bad.

Hold on there haters, because the Indy you knew with all the score boards, conventioneers, medical, and money…it’s a fabrication. Ever wonder how a city of a million people can seem that clean and relatively non-violent? It’s because the sheeple of that city long ago decided to live the lie. They wake up, do their thing, put on their 18’s while they cheer for the hometown heroes. Or maybe they drink copious amounts of sub-standard beer while guys who have names reminiscent of those used in bad romance novels drive around an oversized oval in glorified rickshaws. Whatever it takes to ignore the truth…Indy is insane.

Don’t open your eyes if you aren’t ready. Some think they know. They don’t. You can’t control this thing. You think that circle in the center of town was just for show? Think again, son. Indianapolis is a magnet, the circles draw in the crazy and traps it here. The less you know the less it’s got ya. But if you want to start messing with powers…no, Powers, this city will turn its eyes on you and will not let you go.

Those “in the know” say all the good stuff happens in Chicago. We’ll see about that.

Vicious Circle City

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